Positive Mental Health (PMH) approaches have been correlated with enhanced student engagement and academic functioning, and to healthy and productive school workplaces. The application of Positive Mental Health perspectives and practices contributes to the development of environments where students, educators and staff members can experience supportive connections, use and develop their strengths, and develop a greater sense of autonomy and self-determination.

While Module 1: Introduction to Positive Mental Health, provides an effective starting point for those who are exploring PMH approaches, it is not necessary that you implement all modules of the PMH Toolkit or that you complete them in the sequence they are presented. We encourage you to take the time to explore each module and its written and video components.

We hope that you find the toolkit both useful and enjoyable as you work to create Positive Mental Health environments at your school!

Module 1:     Introduction to Positive Mental Health

Module 2:     School Connectedness

Module 3:     Resiliency in School Environments

Module 4:     School Team Relationships

Module 5:     Assessing Comprehensive School Health

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